1Password, a tip you can use…

for the rest of your life. One Password is a password manager for both Mac and Windows. You never have to remember a password again. You save time. You save aggravation. And you gain peace of mind thru secure passwords.

Watch the intro video here.

Imagine if I used 123456 for the password to a client website? Or qwerty? You would not be too happy about that if you were my client, right? You can sleep well. I use


or something like that for client passwords. Also for any banking password, or any site that has to do with finances or personal information. Anything else is just too easy to crack.

Never write down another password. Never use the same password for different sites.

Yes, there is a slight learning curve, but if you have troubles, there are a number of videos on YouTube that will show you everything about the software.

My own philosophy on passwords is this: The crooks may guess everyone else’s password but they won’t guess mine!

And that is this week’s Blog Post. Short and sweet. 1Password.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.