2013 + WordPress = Best Year Ever!

Most people I speak to that ask what I do exhibit some form of familiarity when I mention that I create WordPress websites. And these are not really technical people, just regular computer users. I often hear “Oh yes, I have a friend that has a WordPress website.” Or “I have heard of that but am not entirely sure what it is.” Or “I think I want one of those.” Kudos to the marketing folks at WordPress! Although I am pretty sure there are no “marketing” folks per se. Simply very successful “word of mouth” marketing. In my last post I said I would start at the beginning this year and take you all for a ride on the WordPress express. But first let’s take the local to get acclimated. What is WordPress? Any WordPress aficionado could go on for hours answering that question. I will make every effort not to do that.

I believe that WordPress gives power back to the individual. Imagine being Mark Zuckerberg but with a much smaller website. One where YOU are in charge. Where YOU call the shots. Want a Blog? WordPress is that. Want an eCommerce website? WordPress is that. Want an invoicing system for your business, WordPress is that. Want an in house newsletter system? WordPress is that. Want an online reservations system for your Yoga business? WordPress is that. Want a showcase for your Photos or Art? WordPress is that. All of these things used to require a very expensive custom programmer and much time. Business owners like WordPress for the same reason they like anything else. It saves them TIME AND MONEY đŸ™‚

Looked at from another more technical viewpoint, WordPress is a combination of the PHP programming language (generally speaking, much easier than many other languages) and the MySQL database language. It happens that both of these languages are FREE for anyone who wants them. No licensing fees from Microsoft or anyone else. They are what’s called Open Source, which means that there are many smart people who enjoy the work of keeping these languages up to date and secure. For no money. How totally amazing is that? Any programmer can work on them. And to be very clear a WordPress website owner does not need to be even aware of these technologies/languages to successfully work with their website.

WordPress itself is also Open Source and is carefully and lovingly maintained and updated by the Open Source community. WordPress is the kind of thing that when some people happen across it, it changes their life. Many online friends upon engaging with WordPress almost instantly decided to change their life and business and work with WordPress. Sometimes forgoing the day job, sometimes not. The talented and generous programmers that forge the core of WordPress itself using the previously mentioned languages are pretty much at the top of the heap of the Open Source Community. Truly, like the song says, “The best things in life are free”. I will take a moment here to tip my hat to the WordPress Open Source Community.

I wish I could say exactly why WordPress has this effect on so many people. I guess it is for different reasons. The potential for building successful websites is almost limitless. The bang for the buck that WordPress offers the client receiving the website is huge. The time it saves the designer/programmer/developer due to less repetition and more duplication of work is astounding. The power and flexibility is second to none. No matter what one does, it can always be undone đŸ™‚ WordPress just plain makes sense. And gives the end user a great experience as well.

Imagine that new car you got. You did not get the sunroof, but now you would like it. Well, instead of selling the car and getting a new one with sunroof, you can easily add the sunroof to the car. The cost is not free, but is about 100 times more reasonable than the first method. That is the power and flexibility of WordPress. You can even turn the “car” into a “pickup truck” easily and reasonably.

This year I have decided to devote all my efforts to WordPress. Learning about it, selling its benefits, and giving clients fantastic websites that will help their business. Not a day goes by that I do not learn something about WordPress.

Funny thing. When I first looked at WordPress about 5 years ago I decided it was just too complex and I did not see what it could really do. (I thought this “blogging” thing was cool but did not really get it) Then 2 years later I re-visited and saw the changes that had been done to it and still decided I did not really “get it”. Then a year or two later, about version 3 (now 5 versions later at 3.5) I began to see the possibilities. The developers had created the possibility of flexible websites with menu’s, rather than a Blog style. I am sure others saw this long before me, but when I did see it light dawned on marble head and, whether I knew it or not, my life had changed. 3.0 to 3.5 does not sound like a huge change but WordPress does not inflate their version like so many companies, and actually it represents almost 2 years of improvements. Many things that were unnecessarily confusing are now much easier. Case in point, upload of photos. Creation of an image gallery. Changing menu structures. Adding pages. Etc. All very excellent improvements. Making WordPress just that much more accessible to the average user.

Like eBay brought power to the average person to sell online, WordPress brings the true power of the business and personal website to the individual. Hippies represent! Power to the People!

CapeWP blasts into the new year with the first completed WordPress website. Or, in this case, Blog. A small job in scope, yet having a huge life changing impact on the client. WordPress is great for personal as well as business sites. Here is Pandora’s Bliss, by Judi.

It is so great to watch people “get” WordPress, flex their wings and learn so quickly to ENJOY it! Nice work Judi!

That’s a wrap. If you would like to explore how WordPress can help your business, call or email anytime.