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Get Your Attention

That was just to get your attention. I see more than a few headlines like this each day. I read many of them and the accompanying articles in order to learn at least one thing to increase my WordPress knowledge. And here is the formula many of those sites use:

a. Write a compelling headline.

b. Then write an article about said title that is often no more than a thinly veiled ad to get you to click on one of their affiliate links so money can be made.

c. Place many similar ads for WordPress Themes and Services on the site. For the above reason.

I have no issue with the above formula. It seems to work well enough for many. But I will not imitate it here. This WordPress Blog is different! Many might think that I hate ads. I pay Amazon so I will not have to pollute my mind with commercials normally peppered throughout popular TV shows. And I have many times mentioned that the Business Class Email service that CapeWP.com included with hosting never ever has any ads. Ever ever. Here is a link to an ad that Yahoo Mail saw fit to serve up to me. Click at your own risk. Is THAT what you want to see when focusing on an important business email? I find that practice abhorrent. And in order to get your attention away from what you are doing to view the ad they need to make the ad as, I’ll go ahead and say it, disgusting as possible. And this particular ad is about as “nice” an ad you will see. Many feature shocking photos designed to grab your attention no matter what.

The truth is, I love ads. Targeted ads that are meaningful to me. And appropriate my current task. Examples: I buy many magazines mostly for the ads so I can see what is new. I frequent many web sites that have many ads. And I look for them and click on them if interested. There are even ads right here on this very site. Yikes! Because how elseĀ  would we know what products and services are available without ads? Google makes billions (with a “B”) of dollars per month by showing ads.

The difference here is that my blog is sharply focused on your local business and you will see only ads for quality, best of breed, LOCAL Cape Cod companies. Sure, you may see an ad here and there related to WordPress. And sure I may make a dollar or two if you click on the ad and purchase the product. I have no issue with that at all. And neither should you. Because I fully vetted that ad and about 99.99% of the time actually use that very product myself.

My goal for this Blog is not to become bigger than Google or get so much traffic that I need 5 more servers (although I am not totally opposed to latter) but to get each local business whose ad you see one more sale than they might have gotten otherwise. And then another, ad infinitum. But that first “extra” sale needs to happen.

So me and all advertisers would sure love it if you would forward this to a friend and have them sign up to receive the weekly Blog. There is a signup form on almost every page on this site. It only requires First name and email address.

My other goal for this Blog is to get as many people interested in a WordPress website for fun and/or profit. Say what you will about Hippies, but we did stop a war. And although I am not sure exactly why, I cannot help but feel that WordPress is the digital representation of the modern tech Hippie. (it may be that Matt, the co-inventor of WordPress, has long hair) If you got something to say, stake out a claim (WordPress website) and SAY it! It just may change the world and it will almost certainly change your world.

Just ask Judi, who loves her new Blog!

Next week get ready for 5 different ways to begin with WordPress.

CBO (Chief Blogging Officer)