A real mid-week mess!

The transition to  smaller computer is not going smoothly at all. Digital snakebite by a whole quiver of cobras 🙂 Although everything Google and the support forums say what I am doing will/should work, it is not working at all. I suspect Windows 8 as the culprit, but Windows 7 (the one we know I love) does the same not working thing.

I am being patient (although I am not sure I can type the Windows 8 25-digit key code one more time!) and I am sure glad I did not tear down my main work computer before completing the setup of the mac mini.

If I did not have to buy all my software again I would just switch to MAC to avoid this hassle. Well, I would have to learn many new ways to do tasks on the computer as well. But they are certainly more the same than different, Windows and MAC. The MAC is more or less a variant of Linux, which is the favorite Operating System of any self respecting outlaw! Linux is like WordPress, owned by no one and everyone so it has to remain free.

Well, this post is supposed to be short and give you all a mid week laugh, and of course the only way to do that is to show a photo of the mess.

Not the Zen neatness I was after 🙂 And it has gotten worse on day 2 with more junk all over the place, plus of course the heat! Nice warm summer weather! No complaints here!

Enjoy your week.