A wild WordPress week…

I did not go to Orlando. There seemed to be too much to do around home. And with all the things happening all the time in the WordPress world, there was never a dull moment around here.

Basically, I let this week get away from me so this post will not be delving deep into the tech philosophical world like usual 🙂

Suffice to say that I am building the framework for a truly fantastic offering to local small businesses that are in need of a great looking and effective web site.

CapeWP.com has been operating at its usual 100% up-time for all sites hosted. And all are updated to WordPress version 3.71.

New business cards arrive Monday. They will either be a huge Win or a huge Fail. I will know when I get them. But one thing for sure they will not be my usual fare, which are printed by me on my $69 printer. (It is an awesome printer in all respects, but certainly not a commercial grade printer)

I am planning my next WordPress travel adventure. It may be epic. Like maybe even something on the left coast!

I will be putting up the stakes for the snow plowers this weekend but only because the ground will be soft enough. Not wanting any snow for at least another month.

So that is a wrap. Just a few tidbits of things that are happening.

How are the tidbits of your life coming along?