A WordPress Blog about WordPress…

is not a unique idea. A very cool idea, but in no way unique. However, the WordPress Blog you are reading is unique. And here’s why.

Because it is the first to focus on both WordPress itself and all the wonderful plugins and themes, as well as Local Micro Businesses of Lower Cape Cod. (Micro Business here is loosely defined as a company with one to three people and one to three computers.)

Cape Codders have known about the advantages of doing business locally long before the concept became a buzzword.  The geography of the area certainly has something to do with that fact.

And the further out towards, the more local everything gets. When it comes to doing business locally, we on the Cape are way ahead of the pack. Now we just need to keep it that way. And one way to do that is to become familiar with and maybe even adept at this thing called WordPress.

This blog will bring to light the fact that WordPress skills will help you get a better job and make you a more valuable employee.  Question to local employers… “Would you like to have one of your current employees manage your web site, without having to pay a developer/designer to do it for you? THAT is the power of WordPress.

Would you like to fix a typo, add a paragraph, change a price and delete a phrase from your business website before your coffee is brewed? WordPress! (I did just that before writing this post, but with tea instead of coffee)

I will be putting up a Post (new information) right here every Friday. It will be focused on something WordPress related. A new plugin, a theme, an update, a tutorial, or maybe just some general observations. I may do an additional post during the week. The rough plan is to split these mid week posts between general technology and WordPress. .

There will be ads! For local businesses and for other WordPress related sites/themes/plugins/information. All ads will be approved by me.

Even if WordPress is not your cup of tea I invite you to visit this blog to see what local companies are advertising. You could get a great deal on a service you need.

WordPress is team based. It is built and maintained and upgraded by many for many. The amount of information on the Internet that is related to WordPress is truly staggering. This blog will act as a conduit for you to quickly get information about WordPress that relates to your needs.

Many of my faithful newsletter readers know that I have promised (and mostly delivered) large changes to my newsletter at various times. Well, this is the Big One.

As the Newsletter ends… the Blog begins.

Let’s all have some fun and do some business with WordPress.

Next week I will answer the burning question, “Is this the end of my 7:35am email?”

Enjoy your Holiday Season!


And always email or call CapeWP.com for your WordPress Website Design and Hosting needs.