Keeping a sharp eye on your website!

Abridged blog post this week due to…

a hernia operation 2 days ago. Feels like I got  run over by a few of my client’s garbage trucks. And that is in spite of the fact that things went as good as they could. Western Medicine EXCELS at mechanical engineering types of things and inventing the machines to do it precisely and effectively and efficiently. Two thumbs up for Western Medicine in this case!

I like to think that my regimen of eating well and daily exercise helped the process along. Along with a few prayers here and there.

So, although I probably have much to say, I am gonna keep this short. I will point out that in spite of being in extremely low energy/restful recovery mode, I was still able to provide timely service for a client who needed some important changes to their website. Since I am now able to perform 100% of my work from home (Good thing because Dr. Orders not to drive), I was able to take care of business promptly. Their website is now the best it can be for the weekend. I am grateful to be able to provide that level of service.

Although the podcast will not be this week, I did test out a new microphone that I thought would simplify my podcasting system. To my disappointment, this was not the case. I will try calling the company to see if they have an answer, but it looks like this one will be going back to Amazon. Another benefit of shopping there for sure.

Remember, still be careful out there as there are still patches of snow and ice that make walking/getting out of cars, etc risky business.

And yet Spring rolls in.

Useful link: Here is some great information if you would like to learn more about Podcasting and what it takes to do it.

Still Dave, albeit in very slow mode, and still keeping an “eagle eye” on your website.