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Addendum to last week’s post…

Regarding the new malware called Ransomware, last week’s post was meant to speak 90% to Windows users and 10% to Mac users. It really is a nasty beast that you do not want to ever have to deal with. So, Mac users, do not get a false sense of security. You could be among the first Mac users to get the malware. And they say it is coming. Ouch.

Here is some more info on the subject.

OK, back to the fun stuff.

I will soon be offering a do it yourself website for about $10 per month. Not WordPress. I know, how could this be? Well, after all my learning of WordPress and all things related, hosting, backup, security, maintenance et cetera, it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, not everyone requires all that power.

And that is OK. Especially for those who are either just starting out or just want to get their feet wet in the wonderful world of websites. So, I decided to look around at what had, just a few years ago, been a rather pathetic attempt at software which would allow a new user to build a website easily. I was pleasantly surprised. There had been much progress in this arena. Maybe not perfect, but a huge improvement for sure.

Example: I created this website in about 5 minutes. Maybe even 2 minutes. Yes, I did have 20 years of experience before this, but that I cannot help 🙂 So, OK, your mileage may vary. I would say the learning curve for a somewhat web savvy person would be similar to learning how to do a few things in Microsoft Word back in the day. Print, change fonts, center things, like that. It was not easy. At first. But certainly doable.

And the fact that the tech used creates static website with no database involved, means the site will be lean and mean. And not have anywhere near the power and flexibility of WordPress. It is like a flashlight (but a good one) compared to the sun. But it will have your business info, the services you offer, and a very basic contact form. Which is all many small biz startups need. Think Cleaning Service, Man with Truck, Small Landscaper, Window Cleaner, like that.

The featured image of this post shows a few templates of this new system.

Because at the end of the day, no matter how “simple” or “cheap” or “low tech” this website might be, it sure beats not having any website at all. Which is how way too many small businesses end up because of the expense or the relative complexity of a WordPress website. A Timex tells the same time as a Rolex.

I will be setting things up so you can sign up and purchase your new site automatically. All your passwords will be automatically emailed to you. Then you login and begin your adventure to your way own website for about $10 per month, including hosting. But be very careful. You may get addicted to websites and the “way of the web”. It sure happened to me. Funny, this “new tech” is not all that far, at least conceptually, from my very first website 20 years ago on a long gone site called GeoCities. Complete with blinking text and animated gif’s 🙂 For a great example of this, click here. Humble beginnings for sure 🙂

Stay tuned, this is exciting. And for folks who host with me currently, I will be starting them off with a $35 credit in their account! Good for a domain name or two, or to put towards their hosting bill, or towards one of these new websites I described.

That is because CapeWP appreciates your business!

Enjoy your weekend,