The mighty Google

Further adventures in ecommerce

The mighty GoogleWhat a week. I had decided, for once, (it was on my bucket list) to not use PayPal as the payment processor for my humble ecommerce site Not because I do not like PayPal. I love PayPal. Not because PayPal was hard. PayPal is super easy. And I do not say that lightly. Nope, simply because I wanted to try Stripe as my payment processor. I had heard really good things about it, but was a bit daunted by the whole setup process. Turns out the setup of Stripe itself, although somewhat involved, was relatively painless.

Because Stripe would process my customers credit cards right on my site, without taking them offsite like PayPal does. (PayPal also has a version that works onsite but the fees for that privilege are NASTY) Stripe has no fees, just a per sale percentage. And I really wanted to have this feature for my valued cat loving customers.

And I am much smarter than to keep any credit card info on my server. Ever. Stripe handles all the PCI Compliance details and is extremely secure. However, they insisted that I get an SSL certificate even though the data entered by my customers will not even be seen by my server, much less stored there. Getting an SSL certificate setup for a domain is, well, many would give up. But not me. I have lived online for the better part of 20 years and was going to have at it. The prices range from $10 to a few thousand dollars. Mine was $80. And after some back and forth, I finally got it setup. Not super hard, but not easy either. OK, now Stripe was happy and I did some test sales. Smooth like silk.

I have worked hard on this site as I would like to see if I can get it to be a site that would help people make their cats happier, which in turn makes for a better society all around. By the time you read this I will have optimized the slider photos on the home page to load about 350% faster. Which makes everyone, especially Google, happy.

And all this becasue I am thinking I might like to specialize in WordPress Ecommerce web sites. One thing I have learned in all my WordPress conferences is that it is good to find a niche to help differentiate one’s offerings from all the general noise.

And I know some of my readers are, or know a cat lover. And for them, I offer a very special deal. With any order of a scooper (I only have black and gingerbread colors in stock at this time) I am offering, for the first THREE sales, a FREE Catnip mouse. Yes, this is an $8 dollar value. Super high quality all around and totally non-toxic. Use coupon code FREEmouse at checkout. Good for the first THREE sales. Will one of those be you? Visit now to get your free mouse!

What tech adventures have you been having lately? Good ones I hope.

I will be posting Google traffic reports from time to time on this blog that pertain to so you will transparently see my success, or lack thereof. Fun stuff.

Enjoy your Saturday,



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