Along the lines of last week’s money saving tip…

Here is another financial lead that may interest you. EBay is splitting off PayPal, which it bought years ago, into a completely separate company.

PayPal will even be using the same ticker symbol as it did before … PYPL. EBay’s ticker symbol, of course, is EBAY.

The most interesting way to buy PYPL is, in my opinion, to own EBAY and you will g a proportionate number of shares of PYPL free. Well, kind of sort of.

I am no expert, but the fact is you will own shares in the two companies which will add up to the same value as the original shares you owned of EBAY. Like if EBAY was $60 per share (which it is), after the split, you would own a share of EBAY worth $30 and a share of PYPL worth $30. Two times $30 equals $60.

Warning, do all your own due diligence regarding this opportunity. These are the broad strokes. Also, this is supposed to take place in the third quarter. We are almost there. And you will need to have SETTLED on your purchase of EBAY before the date that is to be announced. Then, sometime after this, you will see some shares of PYPL in your trading account.

Personally, I believe these are both world class companies that will each do very well on their own.

And of course, after the split, either company could go up, or down.

OK, back to the fun stuff.

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As always, you learn at your own pace. Give it a try. I am a bit prejudiced, but I believe that WordPress is the best hobby a person can ever have 🙂 And also the best business one could ever have.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend,