Am I a millionaire yet?

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.47.09 PMBecause Podcasting is the way to super riches, right? Well, Podcasting may very well be a good road for business, but I am not doing it for that reason. I am doing it because I find it fascinating. And I enjoy the challenge. I would probably do it even if I found a bunch of gold coins.

Like Spring in 2014, I find getting to the level of expertise that I expect from myself is not very forthcoming. I will get there.

I appreciate all you listeners immensely.

Here we are at Podcast FIVE already!

As you can see, I have implemented a new “audio player” in hopes of making it easy for my listeners. I just tested it on my iPhone and it works great.

My new website design is also very mobile friendly.