RIP Internet Exporer

And the Internet grows up…

You heard it here first. In the next version of WordPress, version 4.8, Internet Explorer versions eight nine and ten are no longer supported. This is huge for the folks who have had to spend countless extra hours making their clients website design work properly on this browser.

Two questions pop up.

1. Why would WordPress do this? Well, because Microsoft themselves have stopped support. (this happened awhile ago and no one noticed) So that means, if you have any issues with those browsers, the only answer is to upgrade to EDGE, Microsoft’s newest browser that comes with Windows 10. Which is Microsoft’s not so subtle way to get you to upgrade to Windows 10. Which is something you should have already done if you use the Internet more than sporadically. It is simply the right tool for the job.

2. Are there any later versions of Internet Explorer that are supported? Nope. Ten was the latest version. So it truly is the end of an era. I, for one, remember version 1.0 of Internet Explorer like it was yesterday. It helped make the web what it is today in a convoluted sort of way, and yet I kick it to the door like yesterday’s newspaper. Mainly because Microsoft tried to make its own standard, which was unnecessary and ultimately a big time waster. And yet, mixed emotions. Because for so many, IE was their first and often only browser.

Congratulations to WordPress for making a clean break. And giving us web developers and website owners a break. So that folks like myself can focus more on what it is that we really do. Helping clients to have more successful businesses.

And yet, the only two browsers I recommend are Firefox and Chrome. Your choice. Or use both. EDGE would be my third choice. Although there are a few other 2nd tier browsers, most of them probably fine, they do not have enough market share to be of interest to the average user. Even when I was all in for a few years with the Mac, I never used Safari. Yuck. And whatever browser you do use, there will come a time when, to get that specific website to work, you will need to use a different browser. Perfection, even on the Internet is like “free beer tomorrow only”.

And the Internet marches on. Sure is different today than in 1998.

How was your week? Will I see you at the GeekGirlTech event in Harwich today? If you wanted to learn about websites, WordPress or SEO, that would be a great place to start. Great for Cape Cod business owners too. Its all about networking.