Happy Labor Day to my faithful readers!

And we meet again…

This post is technically not the first post of the second iteration of the CapeWP WordPress Blog. That one, as promised, will be next week.

I need to get back in the swing of things, so I figured what better way to accomplish this than a “Happy Labor Day isn’t life grand?” post. As we Cape Codders know, this is the best time of year by far. The insanely over populated Summer season has once again given way to the much more manageable (traffic, restaurants, etc.) Fall season.

I hope your Summer is fantastic and that the Fall will be even more wonderful for you and yours.

My first iteration of this blog you are reading lasted over 3 years. About 150 Blog Posts can attest to that. And yet, it was more of a “proof of concept” than anything else. Along with 19 Podcast episodes. The focus was on providing you, the reader, with value. Be it my take on the latest tech, ways to improve your website, or even how to increase the value of your home. Not a bad start, but nevertheless I feel it lacked focus.

And so, this second iteration will have more focus. The main focus will be to “pull back the curtain” and release the mystery of websites, WordPress and hosting. Next week’s feature will be the all important domain name episode. You cannot build a house without a parcel of land to build it upon.

The second focus will be to highlight some of the amazing people and companies that make up the WordPress business community. I will have links for you to explore that will help flesh out your view of WordPress and the people that make up the community. I spend much of my time engaging with these folks and I feel that I know who is who. Prepare to be amazed.

Another change is that the Posts will be delivered an hour later on Saturday. 8am EST. Hey, I like to shake things up, what can I say?

WordPress is a great hobby. The Winters here are long, dark and cold. Keep your mind and spirit fresh by learning at the comfort of your own desk. WordPress is also a great business tool. Even if you have someone else design and build your business website, anyone can learn to create and publish a blog post. It is no harder than Facebook, just a little different. And better. Way better!

I also have as a goal what you might call Elegant Simplicity. I am so sick of “131 ways to improve your fonts!”. And “19 ways to make your website faster!” You will not find this type of desperate scream for your attention here. Each episode of this blog will have a singular focus that you will be able to enjoy and use without being over loaded with hype.

Happy Labor Day weekend to all!

See you next week.