Another great local business…

is Boxwoods Landscaping. CapeWP is proud to host the website for such a successful local business. Once you meet the owner Dario, you will understand why they enjoy such success. There is basically no landscaping need that cannot be handled by Boxwoods Landscaping. Although I myself like to let nature handle all or at least most my landscaping, when stuff really needs to get done, I call Boxwoods Landscaping 🙂

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Apple will be announcing some new or updated items on June 5th. This could be pretty exciting. WordPress version 4.8 will be released right around then too. And it will contain a feature that really should have been there for the past 7 years. About time! Makes doing anything in the sidebar much easier.

And there have been major updates to all my favorite plugins for designing WordPress websites. For me, it is better than Christmas.

Next week I will share what plugins I speak of. I believe this is the golden age of WordPress right now. There are so many big changes taking place in the greater online world, not just the WordPress world. But one thing for sure, WordPress has gotten to the point where if you are reasonably versant with computers/software you will be able to build a good looking and workable website for yourself or your business with more ease than ever before.

I am going to pull back the curtains on what I use to create the magic.

I hope all of you are enjoying this truly amazing Spring weather we are having here on the Cape. As the locals know, we often do not get any Spring here. Direct Winter to Summer. I am very grateful for the Spring.  A bit late, but that is expected and can be easily forgiven vis a vis this awesome weather.

Go easy in the traffic.

Are you enjoying House of Cards?

The above cake is by The Chatham Bakery.