Another slide show? How could that be?

20140823_165500091_iOSWell, we all made it to this Labor Day weekend. Congratulations! Me, I will be so happy to have less traffic, and less noise. What do you enjoy most about the big change?

The slide show you can see by clicking here is of my latest foray into the WordPress Community, Boston style. It is really no big deal. I was just fluffing the title to grab your attention. Just using technology available to everyone. In this case it is called One Drive. It comes with my subscription to Microsoft Office 365, and has enough space that I do not need to worry at all. It backs up all the photos I take with my iPhone. More or less automatically. Be sure to click one of the photos to get the big slide show.

However, it is not as easy to use as Dropbox. If you want to start exploring these online data storage services, I believe that Dropbox is the easiest. The free version does not have much space. But is fine for trying it out.

So, if this moves you to want your own slide show, go check out dropbox.

The next WordCamp is in Providence RI. Close enough, so I will go see what the WordPress people are up to in Providence.

FYI, the “mecca” for WordPress people happens to be in San Francisco. In my humble opinion, one of the nicest cities in the entire world. That is where the first WordCamp was and also where the world offices are for WordPress. It would be fun to go, but is not what you would call convenient to get to 🙂

Needless to say, I am trying to get one here on the Cape. Travel is not really my thing. I am not holding my breath for this. Thankfully the Boston, NY and Providence ones are close enough.

The best thing about WordCamps is that anyone can go. Beginner, expert, blogger, wanna be blogger, ecommerce person, anyone who wants to learn some things about WordPress and, ultimately, what is currently going on with this still relatively new thing we call the Internet. Every expert started before they were an expert. But they started 🙂

Usually about $20 per day which barely covers lunch and both am and pm snacks. And the food is excellent. About as good as a deal will ever get.

Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe. There is still traffic!