Another week, another Podcast…

This week’s podcast continues as the beginner podcaster struggles with finding a “podcast” voice and tries a different feature. Sort of a pull the curtain back look at an actual website and the details involved.

And here is a very interesting link to some folks who have taken “de-cluttering” up a notch or three! They both travel the country and teach folks how to separate from the mindless acquisitions that take our focus away from what is really important. And that is also how they make their living. You really have to love this Internet Age! I did not mention this link in the podcast, so consider it a bonus!

Link to how to prevent NSA from taking over the webcam AND microphone that is built into your laptop or even desktop.

Link to PC Magazine’s farewell to Windows XP. An interesting overview.

Both are things that we did not worry at all about 8 years ago 🙂

Podcast 11