new mac mini

Apple announced some new stuff…

What a week! For us users of computers, Apple announcements are better than Christmas. Way better. At least I know if I buy something from Apple, it will not sit in a closet unopened. Nope, it will get put on the desk and turned on forever.

And yet I realize that I am more enamored with the idea of new items rather than the actual delivery of same. Well, except for the iPhone 6. I figured that was something to go ahead and get 🙂

The other stuff, new iPads, new iMac (with a screen that I am sure is heavenly) and even the new Mac mini, are all fairly easy to put on hold. Nice updates, but not something that is a must have.

So, the free update to OSX called Yosemite is now being downloaded. Much less work than a new computer and way cheaper too. But also an update that will have a big impact. More modern looking desktop, more cool features (that we may or may not actually use) and who knows what else.

And so it goes. The big companies getting geared up for yet another Holiday selling season. I hope everyone buys a whole lot of stuff. Me, I spread out my purchases over the year so I really do not spend much for the holidays. A small gift here and there. I figure better to spend the $$$ on a nice holiday dinner with friends and family. No one I know wants more junk in their closet at this time.

And let’s not forget giving to those in need. What a great time of year for that!

Will you get one of the new Apple offerings?

Slow week here on the e-commerce front. Server has not collapsed with traffic racing to buy cat litter scoopers. Yet.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I have switched over to the Chrome browser. Here’s why: I was downloading some software to help maintain my computer. But, just like in Windows, it insisted on downloading some real crap spyware malware crap software and I was not paying attention and all of a sudden, all my Firefox tabs, about 15 of them, were gone. Forever. OUCH. They are a real pain to rebuild. Then I remembered that I had mirrored those tabs in Chrome.

Which, in theory, is the browser I would logically use. It has the power and deep pockets of Google behind it, meets all current standards, and is hyper fast. And yet, maybe because I love the logo, I had been using Firefox for years. Now using Chrome, and we’ll see how that goes. It should be just fine.

Do you have a favorite browser?

NEWSFLASH – Well, I found a semi easy way to restore my tabs in Firefox. And after having done some current research (things change so fast) I discovered that Firefox is more concerned with my privacy than Chrome is. And maybe even faster than Chrome. So, I am back. Never wanted to leave. Firefox has been very good to me over the years. It has provided a solid gateway for me to get work done online. What more could a person ask for?

And although I do for sure appreciate the minimalist interface in Chrome, I find that overall, Firefox has the best UI for me. User Interface.

Enjoy your weekend.