Are you a micro business?

In this podcast, I introduce a new term. Micro business. I got tired of reading all about SMB’s. (Small Medium Business.) Because here on Cape Cod, there are many solo entrepreneurs like myself. Or with a handful of employees.

Not only am I pretty sure that I coined the term, but funnily enough the main offering of will be a WordPress website targeted to the Micro Business. This is where I can add the most value. Sure, I would like to do websites that get millions of visitors per day like Amazon and Google, but the truth is that for my targeted customer, that is just not going to happen. And yet the dream lives because the TV or Radio media could get a hold of a local business here and that would boost traffic substantially. Like that pie company in Centerville after Oprah gave it her full approval. Their business went through the roof after that.

But for the most part, a 10 or 25% or more increase in business from a viable online presence that was Google and Mobile friendly would be most welcome by me or any of my clients. And that is quite doable. That is where I am going to focus all of my online endeavors.

I will offer not a one size fits all, but a one size where if that happens to fit your business, there is a good chance we will be a very good fit and be able to increase your business. And there will certainly be enough flexibility to make your website unique. And offer 80% of the fancy websites for 20% of the price.

This week’s podcast touches on this point and a few others.

This is the first week (I think) where I had a podcast recorded and decided to re-record at the last minute. Quite the ordeal. But I am the executive and must get used to making these type of decisions 🙂

Enjoy your weekend.