Are you enjoying the heat?

Here at the corporate headquarters of, the Digital Outlaw CEO and his cat Happy are. It is the humidity that is the hard part 🙂 At least one fan in every room is the order of the day. And AC in the bedroom. Full time. That’s the ticket!

It has been a slow week. Which is OK once in awhile. Stuff that had to get done got done. And I solved a computer issue of my own by blind luck. Turns out that a Bluetooth speaker was conflicting with my wireless mouse. (I was not even sure that was possible) Lord, that was frustrating not being able to control the mouse at all. I stumbled across this fact in true Inspector Clouseau style. And when I “told the speaker to quite being a jerk and trying to connect to things without me saying so”, all of a sudden my mouse worked smooth as silk. In both Mac and Windows.

So good that I decided to move back to Windows 8, freshly installed, and run virtually using the popular Mac software called Parallel’s. I was scared it would be too slow, but with the fresh install (which is actually often better than a factory install) I need not have worried. It is plenty fast.

So, again with the the style of Clouseau, with a little Columbo thrown in, my initial goal of switching to a small, silent and powerful computer has been attained. I am glad that is over. I learned a fair amount about the Mac, at least how to get around in it. And I can see why people like it. And I was not worried about Viruses at all. THAT alone was quite a breath of fresh air. I tend to have darn close to zero issues with Malware even in Windows so that was not a deciding factor for me.

But for someone else, I can easily see why that would have great appeal. So if your friends and colleagues have been bugging you to get a Mac, saying you would never have to worry about Malware, then that might be a good way to go.

Please also keep in mind that I would not recommend Windows 8 to ANYONE without a little $5 dollar program called Start8. To me, it just is not worth my time to learn an entire new interface which even when learned and executed does not do as good a job as the old “desktop” interface at managing my files and programs.

Drink lots of water, enjoy the heat (sure beats Winter) and maybe stop by The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster. They are doing a fantastic job on all fronts. I enjoyed their Wolf Show this week. Got to cross seeing a live Wolf off my bucket list 🙂 And learned alot about them as well.

And they have a fantastic new website