Everyone loves WordPress!

Are you looking to learn about WordPress?

If so, there are some truly excellent sources that will help you do just that.

Bob at www.bobwp.com is truly a professional at teaching WordPress. With the patience of ten normal men he proceeds to show you what is what. Choose a theme? Sure! What is a theme? Sure! What the theme can and cannot do? Sure!

And all his knowledge and experience is available in video at www.bobwp.com. You will be impressed and amazed. If you are on the left coast, you can also hire him to teach classes or even one on one. Bob has a truly unique style. Go ahead, give him a visit.

Shawn Hesketh is another video learning genius. He created www.WP101.com way back and has been making it better and better ever since. This represents the very best in video production. Watch the videos as many times as you want at any time day or night. The price is hard to believe. So many of the WordPress concepts are explained with Hollywood quality video production. There are some more advanced SEO topics available as well.

Interesting fact: I will be meeting both of these people at the WordCamp in Philly in a week or two. I know them only from online. Can you say… Cheesesteak?

Any of the WordPress videos at www.lynda.com are also as good as it gets. You could almost say that Lynda started it all regarding Video Learning.

And the truly wonderful thing is that all these can be had for not much more than the change you might find under your car seat. The value is as good as it gets.

I hope your week has been as wild (in a good way) as mine. I have been car shopping and instead of making an offer on a car, I made an offer on an existing WordPress business. I scare myself. I hope I get it! More details to come if I do 🙂

Remember, just like a car needs timely maintenance, so does your website! Here at CapeWP.com I take care of all the under the hood stuff as part of my fantastic hosting value, but you need to make sure that your website is up to modern design standards and has the current functionality and features. I am available for hire of same 🙂 Or, you can learn to do it yourself. See above.

Remember, there is a big difference between simply “having a website” and having a website that makes you an extra 20 or 30K per year.

On the type of websites that many small business here on the Cape would have, it is not about how many people visit your site. It is truly about how many people contact you and in the process are “converted” to actual customers. If your competition’s site is better, they will get your customers. A hard fact. It is always better to have 100 visitors and have 10 of those become customers that to have 1000 visitors and only 1 convert to a customer.

Rock on,

Happy Thanksgiving!