Are you number one on Google?


I am not. I am number three. Type capewp or cape wp into Google and there I am, at number three. Very respectable. But that is not really the point. (I realize that no one would search for CapeWP, it serves here simply for an example)

The point I will make here is… Does the website serve the visitor once they have found it? Ah, that is the question!

Salt and pepper – mustard and ketchup – and now…

Can they find you? and Will they be happy when they do?

Because the point of any web site is to serve the needs of the actual visitors to that web site. Admittedly, my own falls horribly short in that department. The old “shoemaker’s kids have no shoes” situation. I know full well what a proper website should accomplish. And I know that there is more than one way to define a “success” for a website. It depends on what you, the small business person, want that website accomplish. Do you want the phone to ring? Your inbox to fill up with inquiries? Widgets to fly off the shelves? To educate your visitor? Your email list to grow? Pay their bill online?

Each of those actions needs to be addressed. Your website needs to gently yet firmly guide your visitor to the next action. Each word or phrase needs to be precisely determined. And sometimes tested. Is “Signup Today!” or “Signup Now!” a more effective phrase?

Are you answering the questions your visitor/potential customer might have? Are you  making your website “sticky” so that your visitors will spend more time on your site? Are you clearly encouraging them to take an action?

And so on and so forth. Now you can see that coming up on Google is only part of the equation. Your website has to have the information/product that your visitor is looking for.

As promised last week, the way to come up number one on Google is to have more and better content than your competition. Sure, that is somewhat simplified, but oh so true. You have heard it many times. CONTENT IS KING!

Content can be text, photos, videos, audio, PDF’s to download, price information, etc.

Having your website photos taken by a professional photographer is one of the best things you can do to stand out from the crowd. It will make your competition beg for mercy. Yes, it does cost something. And so does professional copy writing. Which is another quick way to leap ahead of your competition. A good question to ask yourself is what is a successful website worth to you?

CapeWP operates much by word of mouth as opposed to people finding my website. I look for specific clients that are local, and whose needs blend with my talents and skills. This Fall I am going to refresh my own website to make this fact more clear. I will also make the actions that I want my visitors to take more clear.

I have been putting off Google SEO on my own site because I know it is not fully ready for visitors. There is excellent potential. Stay tuned.

Fall is a time for refocus. Sharper focus. So come along as I educate the reader about WordPress websites using my own site as an example.

In summation, if you ask  “Am I coming up on Google?” you need to also ask, “Am I serving the customers that do find me as well as I can?”

New Feature

Razor Sharp Tip:

If you want to do local business from your website, it HAS to be mobile device friendly. No if’s, and’s or but’s. Do it. Or call CapeWP to do it for you. On second thought, your site should be mobile friendly no matter what. Who knows what device your next potential customer may be using?

Tech Update: Although I have podcasts on my iPhone, I am not able to get them to play through my car speakers. I have not given up either 🙂 I also must be the last person on earth to learn that my iPhone can be a radio too. The app is TuneIn Radio. Pretty amazing.

Rock on,