WordCamp RI

As if to prove my point about hosting…

Facebook was down for about an hour this week. Yes, Facebook. They can spend millions per month on hosting and yet even they cannot control all situations perfectly.

Let the record reflect that last week Facebook had downtime and CapeWP.com did not 🙂

Back to reality, CapeWP really is a fantastic web host. If you are having any issues at all with your current WordPress host, please consider CapeWP.com for your next web host. You will be very glad you did.

The venue for last week’s WordCamp was spectacular. Waterfalls and gold fish the size of striped bass were just some of the high points. The thing that amazed me most is how much more vibrant the Web Site Design business is in a metropolitan area. Many people were there just to learn how to improve their own small business website. And there are more full sized web agencies there as well. Rhode Island may be a small state in square miles, but not in business getting done on the Internet.

My specialty is smaller local businesses, so Cape Cod works great for me. But the truth is there are small businesses all across America. And they all need websites 🙂

WordCamp’s are unique in the business world. No where else that I know of can you get direct access to the best brains in the business and a depth of knowledge that is nothing short of spectacular, all for the price of the average lunch. And oh yeah, lunch is included too. And those that know me know I take my lunches pretty darn seriously 🙂

The next WordCamp is coming up in Philly in December. $40 for an entire weekend of seminars on every level of WordPress. The CEO himself, Matt Mullenweg will also be there. My goal of shaking his hand and thanking him for WordPress may very well come true. Get your tickets now. This is the big one folks. Could easily be more than 2000 people there. Yikes!

Speaking of lunch, if you are in the Orleans area you will want to try the Nauset Grill for breakfast or lunch. Home made food prepared by some really nice folks. You will be glad you stopped by. Here is their Facebook page.

Nauset Grill is this week’s small business shoutout! CapeWP.com is a champion of local business.

Enjoy your weekend.