As you may have noticed… is a big fan of Twitter. It changes fast and I get that. Roughly every 10-20 seconds there is a new tweet. (My interests are many and diverse; I follow over 330 fellow Tweeters!)

Many people think they need to have numerous intelligent things to say and that they need to Tweet these thoughts often. And that’s a lot of pressure. Well, I have really great news for those folks. Nothing could be further from the truth!

All you need to start enjoying Twitter is an account. Then comes the fun part: Selecting the people and/or companies who interest you on a personal level, or business, or both. Clicking the Blue Bird is fun and easy. (can you hear it?… Little Peggy March)

Having set up an account on every type of Internet site imaginable, I am well-qualified to say this: A Twitter account is the easiest thing to sign up for, bar none – and clicking the Twitter logo on your favorite web sites is not rocket science either. As I remember, all they want is your user name (made up by you), a password and an email address. Easy peasy.

Set-up Hint: Your Twitter username will be permanent, so take a little time to decide what suits you. Mine is Cape_Dave (could just as easily have been CapeWP if that was not taken). I use my Twitter account to communicate with people who I would not be able to connect with otherwise… and to get all the very latest, up-to-the-minute news on everything from Cape Cod stuff to fellow web hosters around the globe. And, of course, I follow many very talented WordPress theme designers so that I do not miss any great new WordPress themes. I find that fellow bloggers like Twitter as well.

What do you, a new Tweeter, end up with? By opening a Twitter account and following what interests you, you end up with a micro blog “newsletter” customized to your EXACT tastes. On a whim today I followed Henry Winkler. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know what The Fonz is up to? (BTW he is no stranger to Cape Cod.)

Add to the above the laser-focused ability to get your business information to the exact people who want it (your customers) at the speed of light.

Fictitious example: You have a pizza company in Chatham. You have 12 Twitter followers because you just started. You Tweet to them that the next 25 pizzas are FREE to those who visit your website and click “follow” and then RETWEET (Twitter’s secret weapon – think digital neutron bomb). So the original 12 Tweet to their friends and have their friends Follow & Retweet. So, the 25 pizzas are “sold” in an hour AND your website link has been Retweeted to say 2500 people. Huh? Yup, because some of the folks who Retweeted had, say, 400 followers. So your customers and their friends show up for the pizza and end up buying many Cokes and sandwiches, providing not only priceless BUZZ but an actual profit – while your competition looks on with awe, if not tears.

Yes, this example was rough and ready, but you get the idea. Disclaimer: I am no expert in Twitter Marketing. I use it more for personal enrichment and business awareness than out-and-out marketing. It makes a dramatic difference in my overall quality of life, which surprised me for sure!

Real Example: Every time I get a Tweet from the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, I Retweet it immediately. Two mouse clicks for me, and it goes out to all my followers and hopefully some of them retweet as well. I like to think my simple act could make the difference between a good day and a GREAT day at the Museum 🙂 We Cape Codders must help our non-profits any chance we get.

Many people I have encouraged to sign up have come to the same conclusion: “Gee, it really is easy and fun, and I may even Tweet something myself someday!”

Like everything, you have to be fierce and jump onto the field!

I am like 95% Twitter/5% Facebook. Many I know are 100% Facebook/0% Twitter. What are you?

Visit today.



disclaimer: There is plenty more depth to Twitter than I have discussed here. But to enjoy it, you do not need to know it, and can learn it at your own pace.