August already? How could that be?

Cape Cod Summer

And since when is August cooler than July? What a crazy Summer! But I’ll take it. And enjoy it. Especially on these lower humidity days. Because by living on Cape Cod, those are what I signed up for.

These weekly Blog posts will be a bit abbreviated for the month of August. Slimmed down. Almost like a vacation 🙂

A new version of WordPress is due any day now. I will update all website clients as part of my normal hosting responsibilities. Fully managed WordPress hosting is what is all about. Newsflash: WordPress 3.6 has just been released to the general public! Want to know the changes? Here is a link.

I am going to test it on my own site before I roll it out to client sites.

And due to the core WordPress changes there will also be some updates necessary for many of the plugins used by WordPress to add all those powerful features. Also fully managed by

Wit all the success WordPress is enjoying comes increased responsibility.  Not only must attention be paid to the usual details, changes, updates and the code in general, but the big picture needs to be attended to. Lately, WordPress is heading towards the Enterprise business arena. That means a whole new set of priorities to manage. If  this were any other company I might be worried, but I have this very strong feeling that WordPress will not forget us smaller users 🙂 After all, we are the very ones who helped make them what they are today!

You may have noticed some changes to my own web site, especially in the menu area. Hang on, there are more to come. The goal is to make’s website extremely easy to understand and navigate. With a clear and strong purpose right up front. Come to think of it, that is a really good idea for just about any website!

Here is a really cool and practical app for your iPhone. Have you ever wondered who was on your wireless network? Now you can know for sure!

Now going outside. To enjoy the day.