Be… The Outlaw!

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The Outlaw is fierce and fearless. When the day’s work is done, he lights a fire, feeds his horse, eats his dinner and chooses where to put his sleeping bag for the night. No 9 to 5 boxed in feeling here.

Lately it seems Facebook has been getting a little bit to big for its britches. Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg’s website. Not yours. He is in control. Not you. He is already a multi billionaire. And he wants one thing. To show you and your “friends” more ads and entice you to click on those ads and spend more money.

Outlaw Web Hosting. You heard it here first. The very antithesis of Facebook.

Lately I have been feeling a need to blend technology with my 60’s roots. A way to “Take back the Night” so to speak. Make Love not War. Peace.

Recently, a couple of things happened. A client decided that their Facebook page was better than their beautiful – hard focused – advertisement free – WordPress website simply because of a yearly hosting fee. Yeah, Facebook seems free, but they show ads that are chosen by them on every one of “your” pages. They are in charge of design, the data they collect from you and your friends, and they follow all your visitors after they leave “your” page for purposes of showing them more better ads. Facebook knows more about you than you do. does not hate Facebook, but does believe that Facebook is essentially social. I mean, do you see eBay or Amazon shutting down their websites simply because they have a Facebook page?

The second thing that happened more fully illuminates the first. I took a two-month break from Facebook. Supposedly I had “deleted” my account, but then I returned after 60 days, I logged in and all my stuff was there. They actually saved me time, so I gave that a pass. I also know their fine print explains their corporate reasoning for that scenario. An adjunct to this, and perhaps the tipping point, was that I got a request to play some online game. Now I KNOW I had previously checked NEVER SHOW ME ANY GAME REQUESTS. And yet, sneakily, they manage to weasel in these game requests once again. Games are fine for those who like them, but I go on Facebook to click LIKE on photos of cute animals exclusively. 🙂

The purpose of’s “Outlaw Web Hosting” theme is simply a refocusing of my original intent, which is for every person to have their own spot on the Internet from which to express themselves, and more so to allow you, the personal blogger or small business owner or e-commerce entrepreneur, to take back the power – the control – of your website and self expression in a non-corporate-funded manner… similar to hippies saying, “No more war!” You can put me in jail but I still say, “No more war!”

Here’s Outlaw Web Hosting’s creed:

Every individual should have their own space on the Internet where they control what happens. Period. And further, every individual should be able to choose a 100% ad-free email host. will be your gateway to freedom of expression. Yes, it may incur dollar costs – but only because you choose to incur them. I can do all my landscaping myself, or pay a landscaper to do it. MY CHOICE. Or I can do some, and have the landscaper do some. MY CHOICE. But if I choose to have the landscaper do any of the work, there will be a dollar fee involved. Welcome to America. Where outlaws, thankfully, still exist. 🙂

But Dave, you have ads right here on your site! Yes, that is correct. And they are put there by me and me alone, with permission of the advertiser solely for the purpose of benefiting the small business owner here on Cape Cod. I actually like ads. I buy computer magazines mostly for the ads. But I do not like ads shown to me when I am doing my email or working on my own or a client’s website. I really do not like that.

Next week will be, “Who owns your website and domain name?” offers industry standard WordPress website design and hosting. No ads, no tricks. No upsells, no sneaky stuff. At any time, you have access to a zipped file containing your entire website to do with exactly as you please.

There are never any ads in either your WordPress Admin panel or your business class email panel. Ever!

Some say the Internet has turned into one big advertisement machine. Fight back! Be the Outlaw! Claim your space. Express yourself.

Many may think of an outlaw as leaning towards irresponsible or anti-social or even illegal. Let me allay your fears right now. None of that here. The true outlaw lives by his own standards and has extraordinarily high integrity. Plays well with others but also appreciates alone time with nature.

The first tenant of this outlaw is… 100% uptime for all web hosting clients! As you can see by the leading graphic for this post, that lofty goal was attained last month.

Yes, there is much freedom in being an outlaw, but no one ever said it was easy.