The beginning of tech

Yup. About 15 minutes after my dad said you could make a telephone out of 2 cans and a string, my sisters and I had one up and running. My dad may be the guy they modeled McGyver after.

Of course, we were 20 feet away from each other with perfect 6, 8 and 10 year old ears, but we were pretty sure it “worked”. Can you hear me now? Yes, can you hear me? Pretty much like that.

A far cry from today’s iPhone 6. Everyone and everything connected with NO WIRES. That never ceases to amaze me.

Does anyone else wonder what the next 50 years will bring? Yup, all that transformation in only 50 years!

I think this may be the year I finally spring for a Roomba. OK, it may not be as talented as Rosie on the Jetsons. But at the end of the day the Roomba is… A ROBOT THAT CLEANS YOUR HOUSE. And according to YouTube, it doubles as the best cat toy ever.

This year I am going to keep a very sharp eye on technology. (some things never change) Mainly because I like to know what is available to average humans. And I like to see what can help me with my website business so I can offer clients the best technology for their business.

It is almost 2015. Where does the time go? A whole new year ahead. Full of possibilities. My goal is to put tech to use for myself and clients. And yet to do so in such a way as to make things simpler, rather than more complicated.

Example: I have a DropBox account. I have a OneDrive account. I have a few other accounts that store data of various types. For the most part, they work with each other, but not perfectly. There is still one I depend on called BackupBuddy that does not work with OneDrive. Which would be ideal. So, rather than have my stuff all over the place in various repositories, I am going to focus on DropBox. Which is, to me, by far the easiest to use, and also the most compatible with others. This sounds easy, but right after I pony up the fee for DropBox, OneDrive could announce that they now work with BackupBuddy. Might, might not. But that is the stuff that makes tech so interesting. Everything is always changing. When you want it to, and also when you don’t.

So, in cleaning out the tech detritus of 2014, Dropbox wins.

Along the same lines, the Litter Lifter Scooper I have sold for so many years is now formally closed. I will be removing it from my ecommerce site I have only 5 left and need at least 3 for myself. But that is it. I sold somewhere under 200 of them in 6 years at just about no profit. 10% went to Blind Cat Sanctuary. All sales took place on eBay. None from my own site. That is OK, as my site serves as a learning place for me to keep current with ecommerce practices. I have about 12 catnip mice that are still for sale on my own site. Come and get ’em! The eBay page is also closed.

I figure the above is a good start for me to hit the ground running lean and mean for tech in 2015. I challenge you to do the same. Drop what does not work for you, engage more fully with what does.

Next week I will discuss a few companies that have been instrumental in my online success. (and yours too if you are a client)

So let’s ease on out of this year and into Twenty Fifteen with clear eyes and a full heart. If we do that, we can’t lose.

Thank you.