The benefit of a home office…

is that when there is a blizzard, as long as the electric is on, you can work as much as you like. And lately, for me, that has been alot. What a gift. Zero commute, unless you count walking across the hall.

One goal I set for myself is to find, learn, and setup a business that could be run exclusively from my desk. Allowing me maximum income, and maximum value to you and your business.. Good thing that my hobby and passion is WordPress websites! (that worked out pretty nicely)

I would say that 95 percent of the companies that I do business with are online. I have never met most of those people in person. I spoke with someone at eBay at 1am the other night. I have been doing business with them for 18 years, and have never met anyone in person from eBay.

I have never met anyone at my upstream hosting company. And yet they are crucial to both your and my business. They, along with my assistance, keep our websites up and available to new customers. And existing customers. 24/7/365.

In the three more or less local WordCamps that I attend, I may sometime meet someone from my hosting company. And I have met people there whose software I have been using for years, but that meeting is more for fun and social contact than a requirement to doing business.

It is quite a thrill to meet the person who invented and created software I use on a daily basis to further your and my business. Really! Super fun!

If you were to go to either of the companies that advertised on the Super Bowl and setup your own website for fun or profit, you would not meet any of those people and yet you would certainly have a business relationship with them.

I am at maximum productivity when I am in front of my own computer, with my own keyboard, monitor and my own custom software setup. And focusing 100% on YOUR website. And YOUR business.

I took a hard look at my own site this week and made some executive decisions. I wanted to add ecommerce. And I did about 20 hours of testing various ecommerce solutions. All good, all with differing features.

I pretty much came full circle, but only after agonizing for even more hours. Because I am implementing a vision I have had for years which is finally coming into clarity.

And I did not want to go with a WordPress solution just because it was WordPress. And yet I did want to maximize my investment in time and learning. In other words, I wanted to be able to leverage what I learned to benefit your business as well.

After the exhaustive research and testing, I came full circle and chose the most popular ecommerce solution in the entire history of WordPress. The venerable WooCommerce. It has been downloaded well over five million times. And it is 100% free. It is the addons for it that cost. And that business model works so well you would cry if you knew how many dollars it generates each month. (I already have 🙂 )

And it is not super easy. There is a learning curve even for me. However it is quite doable for any average computer user. Just takes a little time and effort. But the chances that it will do what you need it to do and that if it doesn’t that some one can fix it is close to 100%. And at the end of the day, that has extreme value.

And one thing a sole proprietor has to learn sooner or later is that you cannot do everything. One just has to accept the fact that there will be times when you need to say “No, I do not do that.” In order to free your time so you can better do the things you do that add the most value for clients.

Because in my own business philosophy, I not only watch the dollars, but I keep an eye on time as well. If I can save hours of time by spending a little money, I often do it. Because that puts me back on track to do what I do best, because that generates the most income, and provides the most value to my clients.

Short version: Time is money. Whoever said that is a true genius.

I am sharpening my offerings into actual services that you will be able to purchase from my website. Mix and match, a la cart style.

And I am seriously considering an offering of remote coaching for your WordPress website. Because I really believe that anyone, especially with my incredibly refined WordPress package, can build and maintain their own website. For either fun, profit, or both.

So keep an eye on for some really exciting stuff coming really super soon!

Actionable tip: Microsoft now offers the best software in the world FREE for your iPhone. Yes, Outlook is now available for your iPhone/iPad! It is fantastic! Go get it at the app store now!

What a game!

Snow be gone!