Happy and pumpkin

This is the best time of year on Cape Cod…

Perfect weather. No crowds, and less noise pollution than usual (although this depends on many factors).

If it was not for the entirely unnecessary time change, this season would be even more perfect. I am one of those people who are deeply affected by “the just an hour” time change. The constant back and forth, each time I have barely adjusted to the previous change (roughly every 6 months). I imagine it is almost like sea sickness. Back and forth, back and forth, up and down. If I were president, the very first thing I would do is abolish changing time. Time changes just fine on its own without human intervention.

I will be rebuilding my own site and it should look really different next week. I have been putting this off, but it is time. Hang on tight.

If you would like to start learning WordPress for yourself, head on over to WP101 and check out their high quality videos. You will be impressed. And you may find that you really enjoy learning. Hint: No one is ever an expert after an hour of learning. Like everything else, it takes time to become comfortable.

Next week I will link to a website where you can actually learn about Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated SEO, the right way. It is not what you think, I guarantee that.


Learn WordPress at home today!


The holidays are coming up. The Cape is a very nice place to be at this time of year. Are you getting your plans in place?

Well, that is pretty much a wrap. Short and sweet.