Blog post only this week…

Backblaze backupYeah, that is the way the cookie crumbles. I was in the big city for part of the week and it threw my schedule off. Travel usually does that to me. I like my routine.

I had a 30 minute podcast done but decided it needed to be rerecorded and there is just not time to do it over tonight.

Some of you listen to Rush Limbaugh but do not admit it. Some listen and will admit it under pressure. And some think Rush is the devil. And some are perfectly fine with listening to Rush. That is all good with me. Myself, I unabashedly admire someone who is able to attain that level of financial success. I heard that he is very generous with his cash. As I would be. As I am. But to a much lesser degree 🙂

And now that I also sit behind a microphone, I admire him even more.

At one time I considered moving to Arizona and sitting on Kim Komando’s office doorstep until she offered me a job. Kim has helped more people with their tech or computer issues than anyone else I know. She has a national radio show syndicated all over the nation.

And now that I also sit behind a microphone, I admire her even more.

One thing both of the above have in common besides the microphone thing is that both heavily encourage and recommend that their listeners backup their computers. Another passion we all have in common.

Rush currently advertises a great company called IDrive. Kim has been recommending Carbonite since the beginning of time it seems. Win win win. They get advertising dollars. The backup companies get new business, and the customers can finally sleep at night because their important files are now well protected. has been for a long time but is now in a more public sense a huge fan of Backblaze. Yes, Backblaze is yet another online remote backup company. I myself have used Rush’s and Kim’s offerings, and tested about 50 other varieties of remote backup software. So I feel like I have some experience in the matter. I currently use Backblaze and have been for almost 2 years. I set it and forget it. It has saved my bacon one or three times. Once in a big way for sure. I had corrupted an important file (happened to be a podcast file) way beyond repair. Then I remembered to check Backblaze and sure enough, it had automatically backed up that file and I was back in business.

So you are all the first to know that has fully engaged with the big dogs. I strongly recommend that if you have not yet backed up your files that you give Backblaze a try. Simply click the banner at the end of this post and have at it. Easy. Fun. Important.

In other news, a new version of WordPress has been released. Version 3.9. They have made things once again much easier for the novice user. Here is a great video overview.

Since my podcasting is an experiment to begin with, I may keep to this style of alternating posts and podcasts. And who knows, maybe throw a video into the mix once in awhile 🙂 is always full of surprises. The type of surprises that could be very good for your business.

Enjoy your day,