Blondie sings Bowie

Blondie sings Bowie…

I was messing around on Twitter, on a typical Friday night, procrastinating on both exercise and blog posting, when I saw that the David Bowie Memorial Concert was being live streamed. I follow Blondie, and was lucky enough to tune it to see her perform Heros. A couple other tunes by various musicians and it was over, I had tuned in late, to my dismay.

I donated $25 (I believe there is no such thing as a small donation) to a cause I had never heard of before. Melodic Caring Project – Where famous bands do special concerts just for certain hospital patients with serious illnesses. What a great idea. They are performed live in a very personal fashion. What a great idea, as we all know music has powerful healing and calming properties.

I do not believe this will be shown again, but I hope it will be. Just in case, I grabbed my trusty iPhone and held it up to my computer to record Blondie singing Heros. Yes! You are one of the lucky few who will be able to see and hear this. It came out surprisingly well, all things considered. The coolest chick in rock singing the coolest dude in rock. Enjoy.

Many do not know that Bowie was instrumental in helping Blondie rocket to almost instant stardom.

OK, some progress was made this week. I have a new logo, which will lead the way to some exciting new offerings on this very website. I am still experimenting a bit, but you get the idea.

Enjoy the show, enjoy your weekend. And consider a donation to Melodic Caring Project.

Rock on,