Success in 2016

Busy week, but membership site is not finished…

I was able to fix the issue I mentioned in last week’s post very shorty after publishing the post. As is often the case, I went back and undid the thing I had done last and voila’ it works again.

Then I forced myself to get down and dirty with SSL and FINALLY discovered the things I was missing that kept me from completing the task previous times. Which is a very good thing because SSL is going to be the big thing in hosting in 2016. Even for non-ecommerce sites. The best minds in the security business, the good folks at say this about security: “It is not about the elimination of risk, but the reduction of risk. And adding SSL to any website is something that we can do that will reduce risk. (interesting fact: I have met the principals of Sucuri at various WordCamps. They are as down to earth as they are successful.)

I then went on to set up what I believe is the most elegant Payment Gateway/credit card checkout software called Stripe. Stripe has taken the e-commerce and WordPress world by storm. I suggest that you purchase the Platinum Membership so you can experience how smooth the process is 🙂 LOL! Actually, it is not quite ready for prime time. Still in testing mode.

You can, however, use the credit card number 4242424242424242 during checkout. You do not need date or the 3  digit number, but can put them in if you want. This way you can just test it without buying anything. Here is the link: Buy Platinum Membership

Just fill it out as usual with your info, but use the above mentioned credit card number and it will go through as a test.

I am exploring an easier way to complete the initial setup of the website but one way or another, it will be operational by next week’s post.

And my mission to engage anyone who wants to start learning WordPress will begin then. I will be offering some exciting opportunities along those lines.

Another bit of progress I made this week was I purchased Kind of a variation of my current site. Once the preliminary site, currently located at, is fully operational, I will move it to the new domain name.

Having just attended the largest WordCamp in history, I will this week be attending  one 100 times smaller. In New Bedford, at their new state of the art co-working location. This is a monthly event. 6-8pm one evening instead of a 3 day weekend 🙂

Along those lines, Cape Cod is finally going to get a co-working space of its own. This is very exciting. No, that is not a typo, that is really their domain name. About time Cape Cod!

How is your new year starting out? The weather has been co-operating quite nicely, which always makes me very happy. California even got some real rain!

The Patriots actually winning a game would also make me very happy.

Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your technology.