Bye bye Windows XP and more…

Farewell to Windows XP

Yes, it is hard to believe that Windows XP is already 12+ years old. It is almost impossible to remember what came before it. Windows XP brought almost enterprise grade Operating System to us consumers. And we needed it badly. Every time one of our computers crashed, we lost time and money at work. Not fun. But tech time is much like cat and dog years. It flies by at super speed.

So this week’s podcast is pointed towards the future. And if one sticks with Windows, then the future in Windows 8.1. It would sure be nice of Microsoft had waited until Windows 9 was released until they dropped support/security updates for XP. Oh well. Still not a perfect world. (Many think that Windows 9 will be much superior to 8.1. I agree.) If you go with Apple, I am sure you will be happy.

I am hoping that I will be able to use the processes I have currently setup for many of the next say, 25 podcasts. It is good to explore and experiment but also good to stick with what works when you find it. That said, I am sure I will experiment outside of this podcast so I can report back to you.

Please enjoy the link I have provided below (and mentioned in the podcast) that exemplifies the level of sharpness and intensity I intend for this podcast. Welcome to “Theatre of the Mind – Podcast style”. I absolutely believe that this time will be considered the Golden Age of Podcasting. Come on aboard!

Here is the link I mentioned in the podcast.

You will enjoy this video and it will improve the quality of your life.

You will want to watch to the VERY end to get the full benefit. No kidding.

And the two Kim Doyal links I mentioned:

I had recorded a 45 minute podcast on Wednesday night. I decided to re-record on Thursday. Re-recording seems like it would be easier than editing the original. I really think it is.

I believe that MailChimp will work this week! Much thanks for hanging in there.

I am pondering a podcast in the near future about a new online product that truly raises the bar. I am sure it can help me make money while I sleep. Maybe even ENOUGH money. I am sure it could help you do the same 🙂

Be sure to visit Mark at

Proof positive that it is possible for a human being to setup a work from home eBay business. Way to go Mark!

That’s a wrap. Have a fun weekend. Enjoy the podcast!


Backup your data.