This grows in my yard!

Yup, my very own Holly Tree. But I put up some lights and a wreath as well. I will not win any contests for the best Christmas displays but I really do enjoy my little decorations anyways. Merry Christmas everyone.

I also put the Countdown Santa in this blog post. (He is at the bottom, or in the sidebar, depending on what device you are viewing on.) Again, I can not be accused of overdoing it, but I really enjoy that little touch. Which leads me in a roundabout way to WordPress. If you know me, you already know that all things lead to WordPress 🙂 It is very easy to put little changes into play with WordPress, mainly due to a little thing we call… plugins.

Loosely defined as small apps that can be easily added to the WordPress core.

Let’s say you had an informational website about your private Yoga classes. But you were finding out that writing down your appointments on post-it notes was less than ideal. NO WORRIES. There is a plugin for that. It will let your website visitors register for the class and time they want. It will track availability of time slots. It will email the client a reminder, and also let them prepay online. Cost maybe a maximum of $100, plus the time to learn it and configure it. About 2-3 hours max.

Assuming you already have a WordPress website you can add this rather important functionality which will enhance your business to an incredible degree and without any changes to your existing site and all in an afternoon.

Adding this level of functionality in the old days would mean hiring a programmer, testing, a month or two of time and at a cost of $5000 to $15000 dollars.

When I first got a computer, along with a 6 foot high pile of manuals, one of the many thoughts flying through my mind was, ‘Gee, no way ‘ll ever get bored with this gadget!”. I had the same feeling when I discovered WordPress.

And I was right about both! I have never been bored with my computer nor with WordPress. But just like with computers, in WordPress I need to find my niche.

Which I describe as that service/product that I provide to you that maximizes my strengths and time I have spent learning in such a manner as to provide you and/or your business with the highest value/return.

This would put to use the years I have spent learning about WordPress and doing business over the web. And the value to you part would be measured by tracking the goals set by you and defined by your business needs. This has been and continues to be no easy task. Much like poker, I am “all in” without knowing what the exact result will be.

I want to be the guy you go to for a specific website related task/goal achievement. You would not want to visit a surgeon for a cold.

I want to “be the surgeon”.

My goal is to discover and define my niche within my WordPress niche in 2015.

Over the past two decades and more specifically over the past 4 or 5 years, my most consistent action has been my weekly blog post. Over hill and dale, I get the post ready to go for Saturday AM.

I close with this thought… If YOU were to Blog in 2015, what would you Blog about? Maybe, just maybe, 2015 will be your year to Blog about what you what you love!

Hint: I can be of help with the above 🙂

Rock on, Merry Christmas to you and all living things on Planet Earth.