The Cape has been returned…

Screenshot 2014-09-06 01.06.22
to the people that live here. Once again. Thank God. Isn’t it wonderful? We made it! Time to go to our favorite restaurants again!

And now that cooler weather and less traffic and pure sunshine is upon us, technology seems to also be kicking in gear.

In 3 days after you receive this post, the new iPhone will finally be announced. And guess who qualifies for an upgrade? So when I sell the old one on eBay, it will be quite profitable. The stars have to be really lined up for that to happen. 🙂

But for the use I get out if it, it really does not matter. I would buy it anyways. These 62+ year old eyes like things BIG.

Real big.

Which one will you buy? The smaller big one, or the bigger big one? I have this feeling that this model will yet again be a game changer.

And along those lines, WordPress just today (Thursday) released a round number update. 4.0. People expect more from round number updates for some psychological reason. And yet, basically, this release is what one might call a “refinement” release. Where they take what is already good and make it even better. Instead of adding a bunch of new whiz bang features. Because WordPress, thankfully, marches to a different drummer.

When each change one makes affects oh, 23% of the Internet, one had better be a bit intelligent about the changes that are made. Unlike Microsoft with Windows 8. A perfect counterpoint to the WordPress 4.0 update. To give some perspective, I have been involved with WordPress since version 2.7 or 2.9. Right around there.

Here is a link to BobWP for a short video on the latest changes to WordPress. No one does WordPress learning like Bob!

Those folks who host with have no need for worries. All will be taken care of. I do not rush to be the first to upgrade your website to the latest version. I like the dust to settle. I try it on my own site first as well. So, within a week, maybe two at the most, all will be updated. This also involves taking a full backup and downloading that to my computer just in case. may be one of the smaller web hosts, but strives to be the best with the fierceness of a wolverine protecting her young.

Last week one of my oldest and best clients had two sales totaling roughly $785.00. Folks, that simply does not happen if your website is down. I find helping others to put food on the table in this manner to be one of the most satisfying experiences in this life.

There are just so many and varied opportunities that are related to WordPress, the Internet and the WordPress community. When at a WordCamp I like to speak with some of the volunteers who help put the show on. It is fascinating. I tip my hat.

I also urge you all to go ahead and get that new computer this Fall. Assuming you need one. Life is short, and current technology is really quite amazing. And in the past, one was more or less locked into either a Mac or a Windows computer. Not true at all anymore. It is the extremely rare user that could not switch from one to the other with nary a learning curve. They really are very similar. At least in how they each get interacted with. Not like the OLD days where it was DOS and the blinking green cursor on a large black screen versus the icons and mouse of the Mac. Nope, not like that at all anymore.

So, if it is time to get with some new tech, your first decision should be Mac or Windows? Yes, you may need to re buy some software, or not, depending on exactly what you use the computer for. But… for example, I pay Microsoft $10 per month and I can put their venerable Office software on up to five computers. And they can be any combination of Windows or Macs, up to five. A great deal, I think! Beats buying $400 worth of CD’s every few years 🙂 And the point is, that this same deal is available to anyone. It is called Office365 Home (or home premium, I forget) edition.

And once you make THAT decision, you need to figure out desktop or laptop? And if you decide desktop, I urge you strongly to consider an all in one computer so you do not have to deal with that oh so 1990’s dust collecting box with the wires all over the place under your desk. Either an all in one or one of the newer small computers that sits on your desk and takes up almost no space will do the trick nicely. Google the Intel NUC computer and see what you think. You will be blown away with the power of a properly configured NUC. And remember, STRONGLY recommends Solid State Drives all the way baby!

And folks, that’s a wrap. Enjoy our Cape Cod!