I am certainly not Apple’s biggest fan…

Happy on minibut I sure do have some respect for how they do things. Although this blog was never intended to be a story of my switch over the a Mac computer from Windows, there is certainly some fascination there.

I would have to say that I will stay with the Mac OSX for the foreseeable future. I am able to do any and all work necessary with it. And that is using 99% of the exact same software I used with Windows. I was pleasantly surprised by this.

I still use Windows for exactly ONE thing. Printing business cards. I have always enjoyed that as a kind of hobby, and have not found a program I like better than Microsoft Publisher, which is not made for the Mac. And when I open Windows on the Mac (remember, a Mac can run Windows but Windows cannot run a Mac) it magically found the file I needed, even though it was technically “on” the Mac. I have no idea how it did that, but I am glad it did. One less thing for me to worry about. And in many ways, that sums up the Mac fairly well. One less thing to worry about.

Not “a billion times better” or “so easy to use you will be a millionaire” but just “one less thing to worry about”. Like malware. I hardly ever think of it. But when I do, I do a scan with Norton just to make sure. I have never seen anything wrong with both belt and suspenders 🙂

I have spent enough time in various Apple and Windows forums to know that neither is, in reality, problem free. I also know that Windows users switch to the Mac, Mac users switch to Windows, and then sometimes they both switch back again. I enjoy reading these forums because of all the varied opinions and various needs each user has. And these needs are changing all the time, hence why some have been known to switch and then switch back.

And since the Mac can run Windows, that is pretty darn close to having you cake and eating it too. So, for those who like the Mac for most stuff, but need Windows for a specific task, well, the Mac is the only way to go if you do not want to have two separate computers, one of which only gets used very occasionally.

I happened to be reading a Mac computer magazine, and saw the article “7 ways to speed up your Mac”. Since I have read the better part of a thousand of these articles for Windows, I was interested to see what the differences might be. And guess what? All 7 of the tips also applied directly to Windows. With only minor name changes. I did a double take.

And then read another article in the magazine that also applied fully to Windows computers. So there are many things the same.

One very intriguing thing about Apple is that most customers, even newer ones, can actually name Apple’s top 5 or 10 products. Me, I am not the type that buys all they make (and there are plenty of those fans), I am only interested in the Mac mini. Note: you can see Happy enjoying the heat from it in the featured photo of this blog post. I let her break all the rules. She blocks the fan and the computer heats up. This goes against everything I believe in. But love wins and she gets to enjoy the heat. I actually keep a very close eye on that and adjust the computer fan speed accordingly.

On a related note, I was truly surprised (even though I know better) at all the cat hair and dust I pulled out of the mini the next day.It just does not seem like the type of computer that sucks up dust. In reality, any computer with a fan is a dust sucking machine extraordinaire.

In another month or so I will break out her heating pad again. She likes that thing so much it makes me nervous.

OK, so back to my point. Try naming ANY of Lenovo’s top products. Or Hewlett Packard’s top products. I live in the tech world and I cannot. And yet I am a new Mac user and can name almost every product Apple makes. The big reason for this is that Apple does not try and make a product for every single possible user type out there. And therefore does not suffer from product line dilution. Keep it up Apple.

Is the Mac mini for you? Have a look. It is certainly the least talked about Mac computer. One reason people like it is that you can use your monitor, mouse and keyboard with it.

Whatever computer you choose to use, enjoy it! Many people worked very hard to invent, design and build these glorious machines.

And remember to get out and enjoy nature too. Summer does not last forever!