Christmas day,
Cape Cod!

Taken about 4pm on the way home from Chatham Bars Inn. I mis-calculated my meals for the big day. I meant to be able to stay home and eat healthy. All other chores were done so I could relax.

Except I was two meals short. I cruised around the empty roads. How fun that is! Not a thing was open, and I tend to be pretty fussy about what I eat. So I figured I would head in the general direction of the Chatham Squire.

On the way, it occurred to me that Chatham Bars Inn HAD to be open, as their guests would need to eat, even on Christmas. I was right! It was like Times Square at New Year’s Eve! People all over the place. All dressed up and looking very classy. (me in my usual jeans and blue and white striped shirt and brand new sneakers) Being a party of one. I was able to grab a seat at the bar immediately, which was lucky as I had no reservation. If I had been 15 minutes later, there would not have been a seat for me!

Being local, I knew that CBI owned their own farm in Brewster which meant fresh, organic locally grown veggies! By this time I was quite hungry. I had a couple next to me from Acton and they were very nice. They had two daughters and she was a school teacher. They were just up visiting his mom in the nursing home. I am guessing they were not the only ones in Chatham doing that same thing.

I got their turkey sandwich to go for dinner, and ended up with a classic fish and chips dish. I was going to use that photo as the photo for this blog post, but ended up using the one you see 🙂

How was your holiday?

I have been also using this “in between week” to ponder the coming new year and ways to sharpen my online business. I believe great progress in this arena. And as if to affirm that, a few days ago WordPress itself was updated to version 4.1. By the time you read this, most of my web hosting clients will have been upgraded. As you know, I like to take it a bit slow just in case.

Here is a Christmas tech tidbit: If you have not given eBay a try lately, you may want to revisit them. The improvements they have made to the interface for listing an item are nothing short of monumental. EBay is by far the best way to grab a little extra cash for an unused item and at the same time to save the planet by the recycling aspect. This is recycling in the truest sense of the word. Someone will actually put your old outdated laptop to USE, rather than melt it down for precious metals.

My philosophy is this… Extra cash is ALWAYS good!

I hope you enjoyed a warm and wonderful Christmas with friends and family.

Rolling into 2015,