It all started when Comcast…

desksent me an email telling me that they were giving me more speed for free. This got my attention, so I read the fine print and saw that my modem was not on the list of those able to handle the faster speed.

Well, not one to pass up free speed, I called them and explained the situation. They offered to send me a new modem. I explained that I did not need wireless as I already had a wireless router. I also mentioned that I would like to save some money and they took $30 per month off my bill for the next year. As a small business owner, you know how important it is to save where and whenever possible.

A few days later I received a big box with 2 smaller boxes inside. They had sent me TWO modems, each labeled differently. I set the first one up and then decided that was the wrong one and set up the second. During this process, I saw that both modems were actually the same. They both had wireless, which I asked to NOT have. But then I began to think… Hmmmm, I wonder if I could take back my new router (bought recently) and have only one box (the new modem includes a wireless router all in the same box) and about 3 less cords. I checked my receipt and sure enough, I was within the return period.

More money and a neater desk handily swayed my decision. Except for having to reset up my wireless network, it was really no contest. You might think it was the money but although that certainly was a factor, it was actually the neater desk that cemented the deal. I just love having a neat desk. Knowing that the power the computer offers is totally unfettered by stray wires and superfluous electronic boxes simply makes me happy.

What could a call to Comcast save you and your business?

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And let’s remember that WordPress websites save you time and money as well. 2014 is going to be an amazing year for and all clients.