How do you define website success?

At this very moment, I am deep into videos teaching me the finer points of WordPress. Thankfully, YouTube has an unlimited number of them basically for free. Sometimes they force me to watch an ad. That is life. Just wait until Facebook or YouTube figures out they can charge to take away their insane ads. (To be fair, YouTube’s ads are implemented most intelligently, kudos.)

OK, on to the point. Which is going to be lightening quick and laser focused as I am preparing to travel yet again. This time to Boston for more WordPress business conferences. Not a big deal for many Cape Codders, but it is for me. I like my trips to have a military precision about them. Meaning I bring my own pillow 🙂

Some websites may be considered a success if a visitor signs up for an email list. Or watches a 3 minutes video about your services. Or downloads a free eBook educating them about your industry. Some websites will do well on lower amounts of traffic, some require Google like traffic 🙂

Many websites are considered successful if they generate leads by having the visitor fill out a form. Me, I am happy when people sign up for the blog. And I will be adding more exciting ways to engage. (I am not going to all these business conferences for nothing!)

Yet others are defined by eCommerce. How many widgets did your site sell today?

One interesting fact regarding website success is that if your goal is to sell $150,000 restored antique cars on the site, chances are a $500 website with a free template will not be appropriate for that job. One of my fellow website developers just got a website job for upwards of $25,000. Yup. Most likely a little more than your intended budget. But each website is different. With different expectations. And different definitions of success.

What defines success for your website? How can that be improved? Feel free to engage me.

And this begs the answer to the age old question… How much is a website? The answer is it depends on what you require of the website and your budget. Then there is the Golden Triad of website design: Cheap, Fast, and Good. Choose any two.

Have fun with that 🙂

And the other big news this week is that I got a new item for sale up on Happy’s website. Have a look.

You will never find all that cookie cutter crap cat toys on this site. Only toys of the very highest possible quality.

Enjoy your weekend, stay safe. It is still Summer.