Do you like money?

Cash Register Money

We must have a lot in common because I like money too! And I especially like using technology to make money. EBay is a perfect example. For artists ETSY is a great example. Many sell on Amazon too. Often I have played the “What is in my closet that I can sell?” game. When I sold a USED water shower filter and a used electric razor on eBay, I realized that the potential of making money online had virtually no limits. I was flabbergasted that these items sold. This is a great way for anyone to increase cash flow.

But you are here because you want to learn more about WordPress. I understand. WordPress is for those who want it, not necessarily for those who need it. When you use their services of FaceBook, Twitter, eBay, or Google, you put up with whatever they tell you to. Don’t like a new fee eBay just cooked up? Oh well. Hate the user interface on Facebook? You lose.

With a WordPress website, YOU are in charge. Color change? Yup. Background change. Yup. Add a feature, delete a feature? Yup. It is likeĀ  owning the playing field, the ball, and making up all the rules. How fun is that?

Here is the situation: I am going to transform an old blog I happened to have floating around into a lean mean selling machine. Here is the before site! I am going to transform this into a site that sells cat litter scoopers (which I happen to have a closet full of from a previous endeavor) and the healthy pet food I have been selling for over 7 years now. This site will be active by next week. Yup, a one week timeframe!

Pro: I will save all eBay fees.

Con: I will not have the traffic that eBay offers.

No one said this was going to be easy!

I will let the ka-ching of the virtual cash register be my measurement of success. I have 65 scoopers. If anyone purchases or better yet signs up for monthly purchases of the cat or dog food I will consider that a bonus.

The site will be a WordPress powered site. The “Marketing Mascot” will be my cat Happy. I will use the Cart66 WordPress shopping cart plugin which should be more than fine for a one product e-commerce site.

The benefit of a WordPress site is a sharp looking site pretty much right out of the box. Good built in SEO. And of course the ease of use and multitude of options/plugins to choose from.

I have added to the bottom of each new post some buttons that make it easy for you to share this blog with friends.


CBB (Chief Blogging Officer)