Do you like to save money?

Must be the good weather we had this week. I almost forgot to do my weekly blog post. Yikes! well, I am going to keep it real short and real simple.

Here is an actual insider’s tip. If you want to buy something at Best Buy, online or at the store, I can save you 10% right off the top.

Simply go to the post office and request the Movers Pack. Inside, you will find a coupon for Best Buy for ten percent off just about anything in the store. On your average Apple laptop, that could save you $150.

Aren’t you glad you are a faithful reader now? Yup. It is one of the best kept secrets.

I hangout on a forum online where they have raised getting the best price on Apple products to an art form. Usually, these coupons are good on Open Box items and can often be “stacked” with other coupons or discounts. As always, a silver tongue helps immensely. Or sometimes you just need to say, “Is that your best price on this item?”.

Myself, I keep a Best Buy coupon in my car at all times. One never knows when saving money would come in handy 🙂

And remember, this Sunday’s episode is the FINAL episode of Mad Men. What a show!

Rock on,