E-commerce machine…

As promised, I have fluffed up a forgotten site into a lean mean e-commerce machine. www.veryhappycats.com You may notice the professional banner ad at the bottom of this post for my cat food site.

I am also having one made for this very site you are reading and the Very Happy Cats site. By next week’s post I will have a new WordPress plugin installed that manages all the banner ads on this site, and rotates them.

My world domination plan is in progress. It basically consists of a few focused high quality WordPress websites that wherever you click, you end up on one of my sites and I make money. I think that noise you heard was Google’s stock going down 20%. In order to make room for CapeWP.com!

If you look closely at the above paragraph there are some very interesting and subtle points. One: It pays to pay attention to your own website. This gives you ideas on how to improve it. Two: Banner advertising can benefit your business, but only if it is an effective design. Three: Accountability. I made a promise last week to you, the reader. And it got done. By a proprietary blend of magic and hard work.

Some of you may have noticed that I did not end up using the ECWID cart for the new site. I tried, but did not like the way it was working and missed “The WordPress way” so I put my recently purchased Cart66 WP plugin to work. Yes, the payment system still takes you off that site to PayPal to checkout. This is not ideal but for $30 per month it is not affordable at this time to have it otherwise. And you can still use a credit card once you get to the PayPal site. You absolutely do not need to set up a PayPal account to purchase a scooper. So although this is less than ideal on one level, on the most important level, security, it is bulletproof.

CapeWP has always offered only SECURE checkout. Always. And we never store your  credit card data on our server. Ever.

Important point: If you are launching a full-fledged business class e-commerce website, you do need to pony up for the $30 per month fee to keep customers on your site for the checkout process. This is not optional.

We are getting snow. Enjoy your weekend.

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