Wild turkeys

And it’s Easter. Well, close enough :)

Happy Easter to you.

It has been a week for sure. Mostly deep in the land of the web and technology for me. No one ever said it would be easy 🙂

I wish all my readers and their friends and families a good Easter weekend. Me, well, I do not like ham and I eat candy whenever I want to (still the best part of being an “adult”), so it is no big deal for me 🙂 A quiet day to rest is always welcome.

As you can see in the photo above, I balance out the tech in my life by getting as close to pure nature as possible. On this particular trip down the trail, I ran into a few of my wild friends. What a treat. I find this to be very helpful in managing my life and have found a few really great trails. I highly recommend getting outside in the fresh air and exercising. This trail is just off 28 on Bay road in Harwich. There is alot of up hill and over dale, which makes for a good workout.

I will be attending this: http://capecod.geekgirltechcon.com/ in 2 weeks right here in Harwich. You may want to see if they have something that would interest you or benefit your business.

Tech is not just a great business but also a super hobby. It is ever changing and there is always something brand new to learn.

I really did mean to get an early start on this post during the week, but it just was not possible as web sites needed building and the hosting side needed some attention as well. Now all is quiet on the western front.

The tip this week is not tech related.

Remember: Do not let your cats near Easter Lillies. They are poisonous to cats. No chocolate for dogs or cats either.

Happy Easter to you.