Super easy WordPress SEO tip for you.


Let’s say you have a business that, among other things, offers oil burner cleaning. In order to increase your visibility to Google for the search phrase “Cape Cod Oil burner cleaning”, you would create a post and title it “Cape Cod Oil burner cleaning tips”. Then, you would add valuable information about oil burner cleaning that a homeowner would benefit from knowing. Because at the end of the day, valuable content wins. Better to convert 7 of 10 visitors than 2 of 100!

Use that phrase and ones similar to it like “Oil burner maintenance” and make the phrase BOLD. Just do that once. (do not over use the phrase or Google will think you are “Keyword Stuffing, and Google HATES that!)

In one paragraph make that phrase (or similar) a LINK to another page on your site that has related information, more in depth information related to the phrase, or possibly a page with a coupon offer for a related service! And of course, that page that you link to would also have the keyword phrase in its title.

Then, place this post in a CATEGORY called, yup, Oil Burner Tips. (A great way to learn the basic nuts and bolts such as “What is a category?” is to subscribe to the WordPress video I advertise on my site. It is the best in the business. It is the business philosophy of CapeWP to never re-invent the wheel. Why bother? Learn from the best.

If you are conscientious about this, and do this consistently for the various facets of your business, remembering to provide Valuable Content to your visitors on every page of your site, and with every post to your site, you will have won the WordPress SEO game. And you will enjoy increased business while crushing your competition.

Many people over think SEO and what you read above will take you far. And you can get on with other activities. Let your competition sweat over every little SEO detail. You will be busy serving new customers 🙂

OK, there may be just a little more to it, but starting with a good solid website foundation, like CapeWP provides, will also be of great assistance to the SEO for your site.

And believe me, the above, when executed faithfully and accurately, will pay off handsomely.

The days of a “finished” website hanging in cyberspace untouched for months are LONG gone. And WordPress hands down provides the easiest and most effective way of engaging with your business website. Keep it fresh!

Razor Sharp Tip:

Want more traffic to your website? Open a Twitter account and FOLLOW people and businesses in your community. Follow like crazy. Do not even think of Tweeting yet. FOLLOW persons, places, and businesses of interest. Start local.
Enjoy your day,