Ecommerce is where it is at.

I have always been fascinated by this. So I took a deep dive into some different ecommerce options on the modern day web. There are really many different options. The one I took a good close look at is called Shopify. The reason I looked at and did a full demo of Shopify is because they just recently came out with a plugin (addon) for, yup, you guessed it, WordPress. And I wanted to find out if it was really as easy as they said.

And by gosh, it really was easy. And quick. And worked well. And bypassed all the usual stuff like security, SSL, PCI Compliance and just worked  right out of the box. Within about 30 minutes I could have a full ecommerce setup on your existing WordPress website. Ready to go. For real.

And I learned a few things. One, Shopify is serious about ecommerce. Heck, they just released a plugin that works with 26% of the websites on the net. What a great way to leverage growth. And two, that Shopify is its own ecosystem. If it does not do what you need it to do, there are plugins that you can use to add features. And there are lots of these plugins. And they all, for the  most part, cost money. So the simpler your ecommerce needs are, the less you will pay. Because at the end of the day, no matter what ecommerce system you choose, somewhere, somehow you are going to pay someone for their work/software. Either monthly, by the plugin, or both.

WordPress already has the most popular ecommerce plugin in the universe. WooCommerce. It is powerful like the day is long. And flexible. My word it can do just about anything. But you will pay for the more advanced features if you need them. Or you might even pay a developer to create a feature that you want but does not yet exist. The benefit is that you can now sell our product or service to anyone anywhere in the World at any time. Pretty big stuff.

I know consider Shopify to be a part of my offerings to website clients for their ecommerce needs. And WooCommerce will always be my go to solution, but also more complex and more money to setup. However, it is still well worth it. You get quality software that is constantly being updated to keep up with the state of ecommerce. Which changes really fast these days. Interesting fact: About a year ago, the parent company of WordPress decided they liked WooCommerce very much. So much that they bought the company for $30 million dollars. Boom.

Have you got something you would like to sell online? I will soon be offering a consulting service to help you get started. And will be using WooCommerce to handle the action.

I have some friends visiting from California this weekend, and they brought their weather with them. Thanks!

Enjoy your weekend.