Ecommerce, WooCommerce, WordPress, Square oh my!

Every now and then a game changer plugin for WordPress arrives on the scene. The WooCommerce plugin is certainly an example of that. Think of WooCommerce as the ecommerce arm of WordPress. Doing business online. That’s what it is all about.

And since after a short period of time WooCommerce is used by 37% of online stores, one can see why the moniker of “game changer” applies.

And many small business owners of both online and offline businesses have been using Square ( ) to collect funds from clients and customers. Square is easy to use and setup. You have seen Square without knowing it when you use your finger to sign the iPad being held in a classy white stand at a local business or farmers market. I always ask how they like Square and their face lights up and they express how much easier it makes their business. The stock symbol is SQ. I think it is a superb investment at this time.

And so the newest “game changer” plugin is not for WordPress, at least not directly. It is for the WooCommerce plugin. I know, a plugin for a plugin! And yet this is the type of thing that makes WordPress one of the most unique and successful ecosystems for business.

This is a plugin that allows WordPress and WooCommerce to accept Square as a payment method (and this includes all credit cards too). So, no need for yet another merchant account or gateway. The funds go right into your business checking account and they get there fast too. And as great as that is, just as great is the fact that the new plugin keeps your offline and online inventory in sync. Yup, if you sell a candle from your website, it subtracts that from your store inventory. And vice versa. I believe that many businesses will want this.

Normally, I try out everything first, but in this case, the new plugin is $79 and since I have no immediate use for it, I have not made the purchase. Yet. Also, it is quite new and I want to gain further understanding of it so that I am sure what it can do for clients.

You heard it here first. Ecommerce just got easier and more powerful.

Here is a tip: No matter what payment gateway you use, make sure you have PayPal as an option. 3 companies each lost a sale from me this week because I did not want to go through the whole credit card shipping address thing. I just wanted the item (vitamin and health related) and I wanted to click PayPal and be done. PayPal knows my shipping address. Not using PayPal is a BIG mistake. Imagine if every time you bought something at Amazon, you had to put all your info in instead of that nice One Click Buy Now button? Ouch!

Let us pray for less humidity. I really do not like it.

Rock on,



This week’s Professional Curmudgeon Report: Actually, people have been behaving themselves reasonably well this week. It is a miracle!