Enjoy the snow…

because it is coming no matter what 🙂 I have been hard at work exploring various new technologies in the wild and wonderful world of web hosting.

Lots of truly spectacular variations of new technology are appearing on the hosting market. And, the web hosting market in general seems to be super saturated with marketing speak. Th is can make it quite tricky to see the forest through the trees, which is why I personally test any tech I think might be useful to making websites faster and/or more secure and/or more reliable. After exhaustive research, I have determined that the current tech that runs my server and our websites more than holds its own.

This is evidenced by the near 100% uptime over the past year! Congrats to all who host with CapeWP.com.

Reminds me of the time a few months ago when I spent an entire weekend breaking my own email so that I could try Gmail AND Outlook both. Simply to see if there was something that was better than what I was offering to my clients.

The bottom line was nope, the Business class email I offer to clients is still the best out there. Gmail is fine, Outlook email is fine, but both have things that make them just a tiny bit less awesome than my offering.

But these days, when I host a website, if someone has an existing email, I say just continue to use that. The exception is when it is necessary to use one’s domain name in the email for business branding purposes. And any of the big three (Gmail, Outlook, and CapeWP*) can handle that. *Yes, I think pretty highly of myself 🙂

So all who host their website with CapeWP can rest easy knowing that all is well and good, and that your website is the best it can be.

One thing I did learn is that, should the need arise (and that means that you are suddenly getting a world class amount of traffic to your site) I can, in 7 minutes, have your website up on the very same servers that Google uses for YouTube, Gmail, etc. The very same.

Which means that your website could handle an almost infinite amount of traffic! Better get going on that new widget you want to sell, because we at CapeWP can handle the traffic with no worries.

To compete in today’s business climate, your website needs to be able to be viewed properly on various mobile devices. If this is not the case for your current website, contact me for the solution.

Next year I am gonna buy a snow blower. Unless I move to Florida.

May all of our electricity stay on through the snow!