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Even bloggers have Senior Moments…

Survive a PC disaster with a free trial of Carbonite cloud backup!


Last week just blew right by and no thought of blogging entered my mind. With all the storm info being shoved down the media pipeline, and the awesome weather we have been having, I am surprised I even remember my name 🙂

I hope all of you survived the storm (if you happened to be in FL or TX) and that all your friends and family that live (or were visiting) there are alive and well.

One thing for sure, I know those that were using Carbonite had one less thing to worry about. Their family photo history or their business data will still be there after the storm.

As you read this I will be in the big city. The Big One. Beantown. For a day and night of fun, culminating with The Dice Man. If you do not know what I am talking about, that is OK. For those that do, come on down, it should be quite a show!

The Fall weather we get here is the best in the world. And the less traffic is like a dream come true. Room to breathe again. If you are looking for me, there is a good chance I will be on the trail. It smells so good in the woods.

Enjoy your weekend.