Every picture tells a story…

Nod to Mr. Stewart for the title. This week was about progress rather than perfection. The transition of CapeWP.com to a smaller computer for purposes of a neater desk and more space generally, as well as the Zen cool factor, had its butt kicked. And managed to kick right back, Outlaw Style.

This very post is being created on my same old Windows machine. Which happens to be running on a MAC mini computer. Like a machine within a machine. All my files and passwords and bookmarks and programs are all there just as they were, and yet the actual computer is a Mac. Yep, believe me, I know. It is not easy to get the mind around the concept.

And yet, it is so cool. But it really needs to be seen in person to really get it. The included photos in this post will help.

But I am not quite there yet. Desk needs to be cleaned, decisions as to which mouse and keyboard to use need to be made. Slight issue with the wireless printer.

I had to go to plan B within this process. The first way I had carefully researched and planned was not going to work. Well, not without jumping through some pretty serious hoops. And 3 days of struggling was quite enough of that. But plan B in this case was nothing to be ashamed of. Many people do it as their Plan A and are quite happy.

I learned a few things for sure. One of which is how much the MAC and Windows are alike in functionality. Amazingly similar. Updates, downloads, browsers, icons, passwords. All very similar.

The other thing I earned is that the MAC mini is extremely small and hard to work on. Like brain surgery. Best leave it as a sealed unit if at all possible. Although RAM is quite easy to add.

Next week back to WordPress, really. There is an update to WordPress due imminently. Fondly called version 3.6. Which means there will also be many updates to plugins and themes. Nothing you, my hosting client has to worry about, as CapeWP.com is always looking out for your WordPress website. You just need to explore the ways in which the genius programmers have made WP easier and more powerful.

Next week’s photo will be of the finished task. It should be pretty exciting. And with that, I’ll segue into something interesting that was brought to my attention that may help some people and that has nothing to do with computers. Sometimes a product comes along that is so ingenious that one wishes they had the need for it. This is one of those products. Alas, I have town water 🙂

Many here on the  Cape have well water, or some other need for a pump. Here is a simple product that approaches perfection for it singular task. That of pumping water from the ground. So if you have any interest at all in such an item, please visit www.simplepump.com This a truly superior product for its task. Will have high appeal to solar power types as well. (and aren’t we all)

Looks like we are having another “double” 4th of July weekend. Where the actual holiday is in the middle of the week, so the weekend on both shoulders could be considered a “holiday” weekend. So, let me be the first to wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!