Finished does not mean perfect…

perfection-quoteWithout even breaking a sweat, I can think of at least 5 websites that were started that got bogged down in the dreaded “It is not perfect so I will give up” zone. Ouch! I understand as only a website professional can. There is not a web designer/developer alive who has not had that happen multiple times, and probably to themselves as well at some point.

The desire to have every color perfect and font perfect and copy perfect and photo perfect can be a real show stopper. Good grief, if I waited till every blog post was perfect, I would never have created a single post. Instead, I put out a blog post (however imperfect) per week for over 3 years!

My clients will tell you, once I start a website, I work hard to move the project along. However, any website job is a co-production involving the client to one extent or another, and one can lead the horse to water… etc. Ultimately, it is up to the client to provide what is needed. Copy, photos, headshots and the like. And sometimes things change. And maybe a website is not a good place for the client’s time/energy. Or maybe the plans have changed entirely. Or cancelled. Hey, life happens.

But if that is not the case, and you find yourself stuck in the dreaded “It is not perfect so I will give up” zone, I ask you to take a step back. A deep breath, and forge on. I am always available to help one through whatever is holding back the completion of the site.

And finished does not mean perfect. The great thing about the web is that it is like an ever changing canvas that never dries and can always be changed. And, with WordPress, it can be changed easily and quickly.

I am pondering a complete redesign of this site and possibly Happy’s e-commerce site. As an example, I bought some catnip mice for her to sell on her website and have not yet managed to put them up. So even I get stuck in the zone.

So feel free to follow along as I “explode” this site for sake of learning and putting newer technology to use.

Enjoy your Summer.