New Bedford Co-working space

From the biggest WordCamp ever to…

to a meetup in New Bedford with about 15 people. There would have been more, but the weather was horrible. A meetup is not a formal WordCamp, but more of a precursor to  that.

As far as I know, a WordPress Meetup is necessary to be established in an area before a formal WordCamp can be held there. Some major differences are that a formal WordCamp is bigger. More people. Averages of  300-500 people I would guess. Also, there are sponsors. And lunch is held for all, and always a great lunch. Also more presentations. If you are interested in attending, here is the site for all Meetups.

As you can see, this site is the place to be for either attending a Meetup, or starting your own.

But the thing that impressed me most was the people. All walks of life and every WordPress skill level. A fondness for learning about WordPress and various related subjects like Web Hosting, SEO and security. And for me, New Bedford is the easiest place to get to of all the WordCamps I have attended. Although still on the outer fringe of my “comfort zone” 🙂 And the Meetup is monthly.

Let’s not forget the amazing space where the Meetup was located. At the brand new GroundWork co-working space in New Bedford. Have a look around their site and signup if the location works for you! The two co-owners, one of whom I had the pleasure of meeting, Sarah, have done a truly remarkable job at transforming an old “Mill Style” building to a state of the art tech workplace. is up and running smoothly. Videos are such a great way to start learning about WordPress. Comfort of your home, no judgement, at your own pace. Sweet!

The sun is higher in the sky, giving us a taste of Spring even on cold days. Coming soon 🙂

Enjoy your weekend,